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Shock Out!

Shock Out! is a dicegame. Whoever receives the 13 poker chips first, loses the game.


Every player has at maximum 3 rolls each turn to try to get the highest score. However, the beginner of the current round sets the amount of opponent rolls for his turn. In other words, the opponent can roll as many times as the first player of the current round used. The player with the lowest roll loses the round. If both players rolled the same result, then the player who rolled it first, wins the round. In addition the loser receives poker chips. After that, another round begins, until all 13 poker chips are distributed between both players. If all 13 poker chips are distributed, then the loser receives poker chips from the winners poker chip pool. The player who remains with all 13 poker chips is the loser of the game.
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Date added: 2010-10-05 13:39:19 CEST
Times played: 132

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